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Create a Transformation Rule

Learn to create your own transformation rule and to automate common development steps. [read more...]

Annotate Your Model

SPin provides an annotation metamodel which enables you to annotate your models with UML collaboration-like symbols. These annotations can be evaluated in transformation rules for refinement purposes.

Transform Your Model

You have written some transformation rules on your own or you received some transformation rules by your provider? Make use of them. Simply invoke SPins transformation engine and your model will be transformed according to the implementation of the transformation rule.
Note: For security reasons you should only use tranformation rules given to you by a trusted provider.

Write Your Own Transformator

SPin can be extended by custom transformators, which may implement their own transformation strategy. Therefore you'll have to write a plugin which contains an extension of SPins build-in transformator.

Reverse Engineer Java Classes

You have to do some reverse enineering or want to get a graphical representation of some code even if you don't have the sources?
Draw a UML class (with full qualified name) into a UML classdiagram. Now right-click on that class and invoke SPins VMSynchronizer through the context menu.
What you'll get is a UML class that corresponds to your Java implementation (Java class file).

By adjusting preferences of the VMSynchronizer you may

Ever wanted to see the inheritance structure of your classes in a UML classdiagram? Try it!