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How do I install SPin?
You first have to install the latest release of Fujaba. After doing so, you can use Fujaba's PlugIn-mechanism to install SPin. Therefore add the following URL to 'Options -> Preferences -> Plugins -> Plug-in Download URLs': or just push the button 'Retrieve List'. Now call 'Manage Plug-ins' in menu 'Help' and download the current version of SPin. After Fujaba is restarted you will be able to use SPin's functionality.
How are rules managed?
Rules are stored in a library and can be dynamically added or removed during runtime. So you are able to create new rules during runtime and apply them instantly.
What is a rule?
A rule is a Java class, that conforms to an interface that is defined by the SPin API. It can be written as plain Java code or modeled as a UML class in Fujaba and afterwards be exported to Java code.
Under what licence is SPin published?
SPin is published under the LGPL and can be used for free.
If you want to see the source code, feel free to ask me.